What is a fiber laser?

MSF 3001. 15LtkS 6KW is a powerful and dynamic CNC laser cutting system for fiber cutting of materials. The machine is designed to produce high-precision parts at high speed.



- an exchange table that significantly reduces downtime during loading and unloading and increases machine productivity (so-called pallet exchange)

- Additional technology for cutting profiles and tubes up to a circle diameter of not more than 300mm. (profile approx. 200x200mm)

- 3D head for cutting even at an angle (inclination angle + -45 °),

- a scanner for precise and fast positioning of the sheets and profiles, the advantage is the exacting of the exact required holes in the finished products, finally the better utilization of the material residues and the atypical dimensions of the plates



- less energy consumption compared to CO2 Lasers

- high cutting speeds

- for thin aluminum it can reach a breathtaking 100m / 1 min

- and all this goes hand in hand with a speed of 180m / 1min as fast as 3G

- when processed in a nitrogen atmosphere, a perfectly smooth and shiny cut is created

- the cutting spout has a thickness of 0.1-0.5mm

- the possibility of cutting aluminum alloys and other non-ferrous metals



CNC machine parameters


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  • Custom cutting of materials
  • Price offers
  • Processing of documentation for 2D or 3D cutting
  • Processing of various digital formats, DXF, DWG into the program

          for cnc machine

  • Purchase of materials
  • Delivery of the finished product directly to customers


  • Working size of the table: 3000x1500 mm
  • Maximum material thickness:

         - structural steel up to 25mm

         - stainless steel and aluminum up to 20mm

         - brass and copper up to 10 mm

         - when cutting at an angle, the maximum cutting thickness is automatically reduced

  • Cutting at an angle of up to: ±45°
  • The cnc software for processing cutting programs from DWG, DXF formats


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