What is an AqUaCut?

The process of aqua cutting works on the same principle as water erosion, which can be seen in nature - only the water is accelerated and concentrated. The falling water on the surface of the material can release the particles from the material, which are then washed away. TThis effect is further enhanced by the admixtures in water, whether it is a previously released material or an added abrasive. The cutting "tool" is therefore a high-energy beam of water, which is a thin jet of water at high pressure (up to 400 MPa) and high speed (up to four times the speed of sound). This technology is also called hydro erosive material division; using abrasives it is called hydroabrasive division.


- the material of high thermal conductivity

- combustible material

- heat-treated material, hardened without changing its properties

- all types of steel, including high-alloy (stainless) steel

-high-strength and abrasion-resistant material (Hardox, Weldox)

- ferrous metals and their alloys

- plastic, rubber, foam, plywood, styrodur

- fiberglass, composite materials, technical and advertising plastics

- marble, granite, artificial stone, sandstone

- laminated glass, safety glass, plexiglas

- gypsum boards, ceramic tiles, wall tiles




Technological advantages

During cutting, a "cold cut" occurs, which does not affect the temperature of the cuted material. The cut edge is without some melting, microgap and internal tension.

The cutting edge is no longer required to be machined. The cut occurs at the minimum material pressure and does not come into contact with the splitting head. This separation method allows you to use most of the material area. It is environmentally friendly technology, no harmful fumes are produced during cutting. IAt the same time, it makes it possible to use the material efficiently, as the cutting width is between 0.1 to 1.5 mm and it is enough to leave a gap of only a few millimeters between the cuts.

CNC machine parameters


  • Working size of the table: 4000x2000 mm
  • Maximum material thickness: 200 mm (depending on material)
  • Cutting accurancy: 0,1 mm
  • Cutting at an angle of up to: ±50°
  • The cnc software for processing cutting programs from DWG, DXF formats


  • Custom cutting of all kinds of materials
  • Price offers
  • Processing of documentation for 2D or 3D cutting
  • Processing of various digital formats, DXF, DWG into the program

          for cnc machine

  • Purchase of materials
  • Delivery of the finished product directly to customers



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